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Emerging Economic Hotspots: Exploring Drivers of Global Growth

In today's uncertain economic landscape, businesses are urgently seeking avenues for growth. Are you ready to capitalize on the potential of emerging economic hotspots like the MUVICS countries (Malaysia, UAE, Vietnam, India, China, and Saudi Arabia)? With diverse economies, strong investment potential, and thriving domestic sectors, these countries offer a compelling narrative of success. Seize this opportunity to analyze growth prospects and make strategic decisions aligned with your long-term goals.

• What sectors or industries within the MUVICS countries offer the most promising opportunities for investments and growth in the medium term?

• What support mechanisms are in place to encourage startups and small businesses to thrive and attract investments?

• How are you adapting your business models and investments to align with transformative megatrends such as rapid urbanization and an aging population?

Join us for an engaging and thought-provoking Think Tank on “Emerging Economic Hotspots: Exploring Drivers of Global Growth” on May 24, at 6:30 PM, IST. Join the Journey to secure your spot!

Top Growth Opportunities

Frost Radar—Cloud Contact Center Services in Asia-Pacific, 2023
Cloud Contact Center Services

Who are the major players in the Asia-Pacific region?

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What are the Growth Opportunities Driving the Global Coordinate Measuring Machine Probe Sector?
Coordinate Measuring Machine

How can you capitalize on the main probing types bolstering growth?

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What are the Untapped Growth Opportunities in the Power and Energy Sector?
Power and Energy

How will global decarbonization and the Russia-Ukraine war impact this space?

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What are the Significant Growth Opportunities for the Global Food Emulsifiers and Texturizers Sector?
Food Emulsifiers and Texturizers

How can your business benefit from the major applications in this sector?

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