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Growth Opportunities

Potential Growth Opportunities in the Global Space Agencies Sector
Potential Growth Opportunities in the Global Space Agencies Sector

What are the opportunities in this rapidly evolving segment? Who are the new and emerging firms in the national space agency sector? How is the growth environment? What are the key drivers and restraints affecting the industry?

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Global Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Applications: Strategic Insights and Growth Opportunities Revealed
Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Applications: Growth Opportunities Revealed

With the growing adoption of additive manufacturing technology, discover its vital role in manufacturing lightweight and more reliable parts that will enable airlines to attain their carbon footprint reduction goals and disrupt the industry.

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Hydrogen-powered Aircraft: How will Innovations Boost Business Sustainability and Growth?
Hydrogen-powered Aircraft: Innovations Boost Business Sustainability and Growth

The aviation industry is adopting clean and sustainable technologies to reduce its contribution to climate change. Explore the hydrogen-based technologies, business strategies, and economic conditions that will have an impact.

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CxO Insights


Telehealth Strategies Drive Ecosystem Changes

Greg Caressi
Sr. Vice President and Global Client Leader, Frost & Sullivan

The virtual care marketaccelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic disrupted the practice of medicine and delivery of healthcare worldwide. Social distancing created an unanticipated demand for a solution that has improved access to care. Virtual visits via video, voice, and text, and diagnostics using chatbots became critically important to evaluate, manage, and track COVID-19 patients without an in-person exam. Beyond virtual visits, healthcare providers deployed telehealth solutions and video collaboration tools in various use cases, gaining experience with these solutions and incorporating them into daily routines.

Overcoming Barriers in Telehealth Adoption

According to Frost & Sullivan, COVID-19accelerated telehealth adoption by two to five years ahead of forecasts. The virtual visit market in the US more than doubled in revenues in 2020 and is forecast to nearly double again in 2021, even as in-person visits resume. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution revenues surged even more rapidly in 2020, with these tools used to monitor coronavirus risks and chronic-condition patients not visiting their doctors. This market is receiving further boosts in the US from the CMS Acute Hospital Care at Home initiative.

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Top Growth Insights

Frost Radar-Global Airport Digitalization Market, 2020
Airport Digitalization

Frost Radar—Global Airport Digitalization Market, 2020

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Innovative Growth Opportunities Pave Way for Global Commercial Aerospace MRO Digitization
Commercial Aerospace MRO

Growth Opportunities in Commercial Aerospace MRO Digitization

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Strategic Opportunities Generating Growth for Global Airport Airside Operations
Airport Airside Operations

Strategic Growth Opportunities for Global Airport Airside Operations

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Global Defense Training & Simulation: Growth Opportunities and Futuristic Innovations
Defense Training & Simulation

Potential Growth Opportunities in Defense Training & Simulation

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Growth Opportunities in the Global Geospatial Sector
Geospatial Sector

Emerging Growth Opportunities and Disruptive Innovations in the Global Geospatial Sector

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2022 US Department of Homeland Security: Budget Analysis and Growth Opportunities Revealed
US Homeland Security

2022 US Department of Homeland Security Budget: Growth Opportunities Revealed

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New Technologies Boost Growth Opportunities for Global Commercial Avionics
Commercial Avionics

New Technologies Boost Growth Opportunities for Global Commercial Avionics

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Efficient Battery Technology in Commercial Aviation Drives Growth Opportunities and Business Sustainability
Commercial Aviation

Efficient Battery Technology in Commercial Aviation Drives Growth & Business Sustainability

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Analyst Insights

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the commercial aerospace industry focus more on new technologies to help run business operations more efficiently and provide better product offerings to customers. In H1 2021, Frost & Sullivan performed a research study, “Disruptive Technologies Transforming the Global Commercial Aerospace Industry Through 2035.”
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What is total airport management (TAM)—a concept, a collaboration, a product? The TAM (Total Airport Management) Webinar, held on June 2, 2021, tapped into some of the critical queries and debates the industry is having on this evolving approach. The 100-plus entities engaged with the Frost & Sullivan Aviation team in a discussion that is critical and relevant to everyone in the industry.
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The Israeli campaign—Operation “Guardian of the Walls”—was marked by significant achievements in the field. The IDF’s notable successes include eliminating most of Hamas and PIJ’s rocket manufacturing facilities; striking key infrastructure targets, particularly HQs command sites, weapon warehouses and rocket stocks; damaging around 40% of Hamas’s underground C2 tunnel system; wiping out Hamas’s naval capabilities; and blocking underground tunnel access from Gaza into bordering Israeli villages.
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Press Releases

Global Aviation Satcom Market to Take Off as Airlines Offer Better Passenger Experience, Says Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis of the global aviation Satcom market finds that it is poised for improved flight operations and connectivity as a result of increased investment in in-flight entertainment. This will improve the passenger experience, enhance safety, and increase the efficiency of flight operations.

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Frost & Sullivan Reveals the Top 10 Global Economic Trends Shaping the Growth Prospects in 2021 and 2022

As the world economy rebounds from the deep economic contraction in 2020, industrial recovery is expected to move in tandem with the global economic growth. Discover how the 2022 economic growth outlook is set to evolve globally and potential factors impacting businesses. In addition, understand the emerging regional and industry-specific growth opportunities that companies can leverage.

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Frost & Sullivan Reveals the Growth Opportunities in the Urban Air Mobility Industry

Air travel’s evolution has completed a full circle since its inception in the early 1920s. Flying has evolved from general aviation into commercial airline and business aviation. While business charters are accessible to only a few segments of the population, this will rapidly change as urban air mobility (UAM) platforms become a reality.

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