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How Cities will Evolve Post-COVID-19: Implications for Planning, Infrastructure, and Governance

Shivaji Das
Managing Director – APAC and Partner, Frost & Sullivan

COVID-19 has significantly affected the idea and understanding of cities, making inhabitants, planners, and decision-makers re-evaluate the way we think about our homes, public places, infrastructure, workplaces, etc. In the multiple waves of lockdowns of varying intensity, homes turned into workplaces, much of roads and public transport capacity went underutilized, safe and contactless delivery for all daily necessities became paramount, while delivering public services fast—whether it be vaccinations, childcare support or wage subsidies. As most societies prepare for living with COVID-19 as an endemic for another decade, cities prepare to adjust to this new normal.

Technology and Digitization:

The need for technology and digitization has never been felt more strongly. Societies that already had a high level of smartphone adoption, roll out and usage of e-government services and digital Citizen ID programs coped far better with contact tracing, provision of public services to the needy, and easing of lockdowns.

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