Blockchain in Healthcare: Top 5 Opportunities Revealed

Go Beyond the Blockchain Hype with 5 Opportunities in Healthcare

{0f65e5ab-77e5-4d3f-9607-27755b92d888}_Top5Blockchain_FrmimgThe potential applications of Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) in the healthcare industry are enormous. It is noteworthy how quickly the nascent Blockchain and DLT concepts have become two of the hottest topics in the healthcare industry. Today, leading health system operators and high-profile industry stakeholders globally have invested in Blockchain and DLTs to explore potential use cases as they strive to justify value in the anticipated data-driven, outcome-based reimbursement regime.

Despite the hype, while these technologies are of interest for almost every healthcare industry stakeholder, the perceived (if not yet fully understood) disruptive nature of Blockchain and its possible implication in the healthcare industry’s Transformational Health journey make it crucial to first understand Blockchain or DLTs, and then distinguish the hype from the reality.

To help navigate the landscape and identify new opportunities, Frost & Sullivan has released a complimentary insight: Blockchain in Healthcare: Opportunities and Application Potential Revealed.

Gain valuable perspective that provides actionable intelligence and answers to persistent and difficult questions about Blockchains and DLTs:


  • What are the most promising Blockchain-based use cases for the healthcare industry?
  • What is the Blockchain potential for select industry stakeholders?
  • How will the Blockchain ecosystem evolve over the next 5 to 10 years?
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