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How MedTech Companies Can Achieve Their Full Potential Leveraging New Business Models

Frost & Sullivan’s Exclusive Recommendations to Navigate Industry Challenges with Innovative MedTech Solutions

The Medical Technologies (MedTech) industry is going through a period of rapid transformation. While patient care moves to alternative sites, industry incumbents are grappling with hurdles in choosing, deploying, and optimizing new MedTech solutions. This makes it critical for enterprises to leverage digital solutions and new business models to address disruptions arising from site-of-care evolution, value-based care, and alternate payment models.

Amid this MedTech evolution, Frost & Sullivan’s exclusive guide will help you:

  • Better understand crucial forces that shape the future of the MedTech industry
  • Discover strategies and tips to build your MedTech relevance
  • Unlock business model recommendations to future-proof your MedTech growth

Direct Access To Exclusive Insights

At Frost & Sullivan, we utilize proven methodologies and proprietary forecast models, to analyze growth opportunities across a multitude of products, services, and solutions. Our Advanced Medical Technologies program includes patient engagement devices, hospital service solutions, digital transformation in medical technologies, and artificial intelligence in surgical interventions.

We continuously engage with Fortune 100 healthcare organizations to help our customers identify new avenues for growth, outline go-to-market strategies, and implement innovative monetization and optimization frameworks.

Meet our MedTech healthcare experts:


Reenita Das

Partner, Senior Vice President,
Healthcare and Life Sciences


Dinesh Sampath Rangaraj
Sr Vice President
Global Client Leader