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Top 50 Emerging Technologies of 2022: What Opportunities Do They Create for Your Business? Join our GIL Council to be a Part of a Robust Community Aimed at Translating Consumer Perceptions into Business Opportunities Benefit from a Complimentary Dialog with our Growth Coaches and Assess Your Company's Growth Strategy Technology Commercialization Partnership: Strategic Intelligence on New-age Growth Opportunities How is AI Integration Augmenting the Growth of Molecular Diagnostics? What are the Latest Innovations Powering the Growth of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies?

Growth Opportunities

How will Smart Electronics and Spectral Imaging Technologies Drive Growth in Food Traceability and Safety?
How will Advanced Technologies Drive Growth in Food Traceability and Safety?

Which technological advancements focus on improved food contaminant tracking and detection? What are the key challenges for technology adoption? How are artificial intelligence, ML, and IoT transforming this segment? What are the key regulations? Find out in this research.

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Future Growth Prospects of Drug Discovery with the Advancements in Omics Technologies
Future Growth Prospects of Drug Discovery with the Advancements in Omics Technologies

What is the scope for omics in biological research and development? How are these technologies fueling the growth of precision medicine and preventive healthcare? Who are the key technology developers? How are AI and bioinformatics transforming this segment?

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Novel Growth Opportunities in the Automotive Internet of Things (IoT) Sector
Novel Growth Opportunities in the Automotive Internet of Things (IoT) Sector

Analyze the key communication technologies transforming the automotive IoT industry, such as 4G LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, and LoRa. Also, identify the important factors influencing the innovation ecosystem, along with major industry initiatives and patent activities.

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Growth Analytics

Explore our growth analytics offerings such as key account management (KAM), research-as-a-service (RaaS), global opportunity scouting, competitive intelligence, marketing and sales operations support, content management, and much more.

CxO Insights


The Rise of the Sheconomy: Women’s Increasing Impact on Business, Culture, and Healthcare

Reenita Das
Partner, Senior VP, Healthcare and Life Sciences – Frost & Sullivan

The Sheconomy impacts almost every economic sector because a more significant proportion of highly educated women are joining the global workforce every year. With the increase in spending power, women are propelling economic activity from both ends—accelerating growth as a workforce and featuring as promising retail consumers. However, this female-powered economy is more than a mega trend for leveraging the economy. It is a massive force that addresses the inequalities women have faced at home, in society, and in their workplaces for generations.

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TechVision Opportunity Engines

Energy and Power Systems: Disruptive Technologies Pave Way for New Growth Strategies
Energy & Power Systems

What are the massive innovations in advanced and scalable BEMS?

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Robust Innovations Drive the Growth of Advanced Coating & Surface Technologies
Surface Technologies

What are the high-performance coatings for medical devices?

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Smart Solutions Amplify Growth Prospects for Sensor Technologies

How is machine vision opening new avenues of growth?

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Latest Developments in Advanced MedTech: Future Growth Potential Unveiled
Advanced MedTech

What are the emerging diagnostic technologies driven by AI?

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Growth of Microelectronics Powered by New Technological Capabilities

How will analog neuromorphic chips enhance the processing of neural network algorithms?

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What are the Emerging Growth Avenues for Cybersecurity Technologies?

What are the new product launches in firewalls, identity management, and disaster recovery?

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Recent Advancements in Industrial Bioprocessing Reveal New Growth Opportunities
Industrial Bioprocessing

How will ketone salt-based brain fuel supplements help treat migraines and neurological disorders?

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Futuristic Technologies in Life Science, Health & Wellness Showcase Innovative Growth Hubs
Life Science, Health & Wellness

Which technology platforms leverage AI and ML algorithms for novel target recovery?

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Analyst Insights

Frost & Sullivan recently analyzed the European microfluidic platforms for biological screening and discovery market and, based on its findings, recognizes Sphere Fluidics with the 2022 Europe Technology Innovation Leadership Award. The Company develops innovative products for single-cell analysis and characterization, and provides collaborative research and development (R&D) services. It extended this expertise to developing a technology platform that enables discovery in a range of growing markets through single-cell analysis.
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Based on its recent North American semiconductor industry assessment, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Achronix Semiconductor Corporation (Achronix) with the 2022 North America New Product Innovation Award. As a second-time winner of the New Product Innovation Award, Achronix continues its history of developing innovative high-performance field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), embedded (eFPGA) IP, design tools, and accelerator card solutions.
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Press Releases

Evolution of the Smart Home Hub is the Next Growth Frontier, Finds Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Home as a Hub Growth Opportunities, finds that the COVID-19 outbreak has transformed the conventional home into a smart home hub, encompassing a place for work, health and wellness, and entertainment. This encourages smart home market participants to develop products for the home hub ecosystem to provide a premium home experience.

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Frost & Sullivan’s Top 10 Trends for 2022: Metaverse and Cashless Economies to Drive Growth in Uncertain Times

2022 will mark the year of adaptation. Yet again, businesses worldwide will be challenged to develop and maintain resilience and continuity, despite major disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical chaos. The new year will also bring about new challenges, with the need to retain, upskill and reskill an increasingly changing workforce.

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Mobile Medical Imaging Systems Improving Care Accessibility and Convenience for Patients

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis finds that the drawbacks of traditional medical imaging platforms are driving the need for novel mobile medical imaging systems. They offer portability and cost-effective solutions for health professionals to perform diagnostic imaging in different clinical settings while being more convenient for patients. COVID-19 has pushed the demand for modern mobile medical imaging systems.

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Top 50 Emerging Technologies

Top 50 Emerging Technologies of 2022

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Top Technology Trends For 2022

Top Technology Trends for 2022

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