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Growth Opportunities

Low-Power Integrated Circuits and Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies: Emerging Growth Opportunities Revealed
Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies: Emerging Growth Opportunities Revealed

What is the significance of low-power ICs and RF technologies in today’s electronics ecosystem? What emerging technologies are related to them? What are the technological capabilities of subthreshold and beamforming? Which companies are innovating in these segments? Find out in this research.

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Novel Growth Opportunities in the Global Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Sector
Novel Growth Opportunities in the Global Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Sector

Explore widely used metal AM technologies like powder bed fusion (PBF) with strategic insights into WAAM technology. Also, identify benefits of WAAM, prominent companies-to-action, growth opportunities, R&D advancements, funding developments, and high-impact industries.

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Robotic Exoskeletons: New Developmental Strategies to Amplify Growth
Robotic Exoskeletons: New Developmental Strategies to Amplify Growth

How does the current competitive landscape look? What is the regional adoption scenario? What developmental strategies are robotic exoskeleton manufacturers adopting? What are the industry best practices? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this research.

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CxO Insights


Silver Linings in a Pandemic—Humanizing Agents

Alpa Shah
Global VP - CX Practice, Frost & Sullivan

Agents are the front lines in handling customer emotions. Often when customers call, they have already exhausted poorly designed self-service options and are frustrated by the time the agent takes the call. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for work-at-home agent (WAHA) models and self-service to assist with rising call volumes. As a result, companies are rethinking the balance of self-service and live agents. However, companies are not seeing how crucial employees are to CX. Employee retention is still a low priority across industries.

Contact centers faced unprecedented obstacles last year. With remote work, peer support was lost, and remote training proved difficult without the right technologies and software. Having agents deal with sensitive data when they work from home without implementing security measures to protect customers has been particularly problematic. And creating and managing COVID-19 protocols is challenging for those who are on-site.

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Frost Radar & TechVision Opportunity Engines

Frost Radar—Global RNA Delivery Technologies, 2021
RNA Delivery

Explore RNA therapeutics like mRNA, tRNA, siRNA and RNAi, along with advances in nanoscience

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Robust Innovations in the Oil & Gas Industry: Growth Opportunities Revealed
Oil & Gas

How is satellite imagery used for pipeline monitoring and environment-risk assessments?

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Novel Growth Avenues Propel Transformation in IT, Computing and Communications

What are the major innovations influencing API, analytics, cloud, open RAN, and AI?

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Futuristic Technologies in Lifescience, Health & Wellness Boost Growth Opportunities
Lifescience, Health & Wellness

Analyze the growth of AI-based diagnostics in the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases

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Transformational Growth Strategies Drive Demand for Sensor Technology

What are the sensors used for workspace management, and collision avoidance?

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Novel Growth Prospects and Innovations Transforming Advanced Coating & Surface Technologies
Coating & Surface Technology

Which coatings are used for food and medical devices?

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Disruptive Innovations Driving Growth for Energy & Power Systems
Energy and Power Systems

How are wind turbines, hydrogen fuel cell generators and modular nuclear reactors used?

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Emerging Growth Opportunities and Technologies in Microelectronics

Examine segments like data storage, gallium electronics, and wireless charging

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Analyst Insights

Frost & Sullivan recently assessed the North American computer vision market, and based on its results, recognizes Algolux with the 2021 North America Technology Innovation Leadership Award in the computer vision space. The company offers innovative artificial intelligence (AI)-based computer vision and image optimization solutions to address mission-critical safety concerns for automotive advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, and transport applications.
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Based on its recent analysis of the North American long-duration energy storage market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes ESS. Inc. (NYSE:GWH) with the 2021 North American Technology Innovation Leadership Award for pioneering the design, development, and manufacturing of environmentally friendly long-duration energy storage systems. Its innovative iron flow battery technology supports renewable energy generation by providing energy storage that can discharge for up to 12 hours, with an operating life of more than 20 years.
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Press Releases

Rapid Expansion of 5G Network Rollout Drives the Global 5G Materials Market

As the rollout of 5G networks increases, stakeholders face challenges related to transmission losses in electronic components, such as 5G antennas, filters, circulators, cables, and wirings, driving the need for high-performance materials with low-loss properties. Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Materials for 5G Infrastructure: Technology and IP Analysis, finds that antenna substrate is the strongest segment due to the rising demand for smartphones and a large number of planned base stations.

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Frost & Sullivan Reveals How the Lights-Out Setting is Redefining Manufacturing

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis on lights-out manufacturing finds that the rapidly falling price of robots and continually increasing labor costs will accelerate manufacturers’ shift toward a lights-out setting. The manufacturing process is fully automated in a lights-out environment, with minimal human intervention required to run day-to-day operations.

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Frost & Sullivan Analyzes the Future of Digital Identity Management and Value Chain Compression

COVID-19 has accelerated digitalization across industries, business models, and touchpoints. As communication and sharing of information move from a physical to digital medium, users must protect access to their identity online using secure, portable, and verifiable credentials in real-time. Therefore, a digital identity system compiling personal information such as name, passport number, health data, and financial information that can be linked to a secure digital device or account will be a critical enabler.

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