As health systems around the world evolve to meet the challenges of access, quality, and cost, we at Frost & Sullivan have embarked on a journey to answer critical Medical Technology (MedTech) issues and unearth the impact of disruption on different stakeholders in Healthcare.

Revealing statistics to empower your MedTech growth:

  • The MedTech sector generated approximately $500 billion in revenue in 2022 and presents a treasure trove of opportunities for 2023 and beyond.
  • This sector is modestly growing by 4-6% each year, making it critical to explore new avenues of growth to build and retain competitive advantage.
  • In 2022, 3 MedTech outliers- Inari Medical, Intuitive Surgical, and Dexcom achieved a whopping 25+% organic year-on-year growth, significantly above the single-digit market average. This highlights the immense potential of innovation in vascular devices, robotic surgery, and diabetes management.
  • Cardiology devices represent the largest segment by revenue, followed by devices for minimally invasive surgery, respiratory care and anaesthesia, ophthalmology, imaging equipment, and orthopaedics.
  • North America is the biggest MedTech market, accounting for 40% of total market revenue.

Frost & Sullivan can help you navigate changing market dynamics through specialized intelligence and advisory services that enhance your commercial success across the MedTech continuum.

We empower healthcare leaders with actionable intelligence, 360-degree research, technology expertise, and go-to-market strategies, to identify growth opportunities across a multitude of products, services, and solutions.

Our Advanced Medical Technologies program includes comprehensive coverage of innovative solutions in care delivery, hospital efficiency, digital workflows, care management, patient pathways, home health, digital transformation, new business models, precision medicine, and value-based care.

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