Transformative Mega Trends Shaping Post-COVID Consumer Behavior

New Customer Experiences Driven by Digitalization and Personalization Create Growth Opportunities

COVID-19 has impacted the way we work, make purchases, and spend our free time. Some consumption patterns and behaviors will have a lasting impact on economies around the world. Frost & Sullivan has mapped 5 critical areas of influences that will shape consumer behavior.

  • Home: The pandemic has compelled consumers to interact with technology, and embrace contactless technologies because of concerns about health and hygiene. The home will be a center of work, entertainment, and wellness.
  • Work: Workplace bonding has the potential to dissolve as many people continue to work from home and express reluctance to return to an office. Employees will demand more visibility and transparency in this environment through digital collaboration. Talent pools will become global.
  • Healthcare: Many aspects of the healthcare journey will become inherently data-based. Consumers will demand control over their personal health data to manage their health and wellness and make better-informed decisions.
  • Leisure: Price-sensitive consumers are pivoting to marketplaces (e.g., Amazon) from individual brands. Targeted outreach will be a must in spreading awareness about products and service to smaller audiences with similar values and traits on social platforms. Virtual entertainment will be in demand.
  • Mobility: Enabled by new connectivity technologies, cars will become points of health, wellness, and well-being with end-to-end, omnichannel experiences. With an emphasis on health and safety, shared mobility will be on the decline.
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