Global Computed Tomography Growth Opportunities

Increased Demand and Purchase Parameters on Multivariate Trends Propel Transformational Growth

An estimated 375 million computed tomography (CT) procedures are carried out globally, increasing annually by 3%–4%. CT has become an indispensable tool in illness diagnosis and management, playing an instrumental role in COVID-19 management. The dynamic CT industry involves many participants introducing technological innovations frequently to match the rapidly evolving needs of clinicians, radiologists, and technologists. CT innovations such as spectral imaging, photon counting (to lower radiation dosage) with new detector materials, wide-area detector, and reconstruction algorithms for multi-detector CT technology are expected to drive the market toward quicker upgrades and equipment refresh.

Most developed economies, such as North America, Western Europe, Japan, and Australia, have a CT penetration of over 80% in their health systems. With CT being used for screening, intervention, and therapy planning and a considerable increase in CT procedures in the last three years, tertiary care hospitals are liaising with secondary care services to handle patient volume. The global CT market is witnessing a gradual shift from low-end CT scanners to mid-high and high-end scanners, primarily due to CT technology innovations in reducing radiation dosage and expanding clinical applications in vascular, oncology, cardiac, and breast cancer imaging.

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