Growth Opportunities in the Global Webinars and Virtual Events Market

Travel Restrictions and Remote Work Unlock New Growth Potential for Digital-First Engagement

In 2020, remote work and social distancing norms drove millions of businesses to cancel their brick-and-mortar events and shift to webinars and virtual events as an alternative to connect with distributed audiences. Driven by the long term, sustainable impact of distributed and hybrid work and adoption of digital channels, webinars and virtual events represent a booming growth opportunity.

Standing at $1.57 billion in 2020, the global webinars and virtual events market will nearly triple in size to reach $4.44 billion in 2025. Advanced data reporting, accessibility, reach, ease-of-use, no travel, and sustainability are the primary growth vectors putting the overall market on a high growth trajectory. In order to retain the broad digital audiences acquired during the pandemic, businesses will continue to invest in webinar and virtual event technologies leading to a robust revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2025) of 23.1 percent for the total market.

This report uncovers several top of mind trends for the short- to mid-term and analyzes the key workplace transformation and digital events trends emerging in the post-pandemic era. As remote and hybrid work become the new normal, what will be the new growth opportunities for webinars and virtual events? What will hybrid events of tomorrow look like? Given the fast changing market landscape, there are significant growth opportunities for vendors that can differentiate on better engagement and AI-driven feature sets in addition to pricing, use cases as well as scale and managed services. Frost & Sullivan has analyzed the key market trends and has forecasted the market size/CAGR for webinars and virtual events. This report assesses the growth opportunities available to vendors in this space and lays out key strategies for success in the post-COVID online and hybrid events market.

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