The Global Fraud Detection & Prevention (FDP) Market

Propelling Revenue Growth, Reducing Fraud, and Enhancing Digital Trust

The Fraud Detection & Prevention (FDP) market consists of vendors that provide software solutions that leverage Identification and Authentication technologies to detect and prevent incidents of fraud. The market can be divided into three segments; Identity, Fraud Detection, and Authentication & Behavioral Biometrics.

Identity solutions verify identity against a broad set of personal and digital data and utilize when the account is originated or provisioned. All the actions form basis for greater identity confidence.

Behavioral Biometrics authentication allows to validate that claimed identity of the user is who they say they are based on unique variables that are collected during the user's interaction with the device or application. Some of many such variables may include mouse activity, keystroke movement, the angle of holding the device, typing rhythm, geolocation, number of touch events, mouse travel distance.

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