Digital Investments in Healthcare Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Competitive Intensity Heightens Prioritization of CX

With 99% of healthcare organizations in some stage of digital transformation, it’s clear that stakeholders understand the value of IT solutions. Digital health solutions offer great promise for new care delivery models, expanded access, better patient outcomes, and improved operational efficiency. Advanced technologies can help them deal with a myriad of problems that are common around the world. These include an aging population, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases, anticipated medical staff shortages, long wait times (for appointments and in crowded offices), quality-of-care concerns, and the need for a common technology platform.

Leveraging cloud-based information technology (IT) has become a priority to capitalize on the vast new resources of clinical, financial, socioeconomic, and other data generated across the health ecosystem and captured by electronic health records (EHR), connected medical devices, smartphones, and wearables. Robust data sets can be used to develop new insights, which help improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare and deliver new, innovative IT solutions that engage consumers.

Composed primarily of revenue associated with billing systems and services, this market is increasingly incorporating advanced and specialty technologies such as analytics, cybersecurity, and telemedicine.

Needless to say, COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on this industry. It continues to relentlessly test healthcare organizations around the globe, causing swift changes to regulations, methods of care, and technology usage.

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