Benchmarking of OEM Strategies for the Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket in Europe

Scania VRS and DAF TRP’s Multi-brand Parts Sales and All-make Service Offerings will Enhance the Future Growth Potential of the OEMs’ Aftersales Business

This report focuses on the various aspects of commercial vehicle OEMs’ aftersales business in Europe. It discusses the trends, business models, and distribution channels relevant to the segment and provides an overview of the major participants and their aftersales initiatives in the European market. The base year for analysis is 2020, while the forecast period is from 2021 to 2027.

The strategic aftersales initiatives taken by commercial vehicle OEMs can be broadly classified under the following categories: digitalization, labeling & branding, fleet management, parts remanufacturing, and parts & servicing. This study further categorizes these broad areas into various consideration factors to identify and examine the initiatives adopted by different manufacturers.