Growth Opportunities for Digital Twins in Global Mobility

AI and Data Analytics Set to Disrupt the Automotive Sector to Improve Efficiencies, Drive Innovation, and Create Resilience to Outside Factors

This study is a comprehensive analysis of digital twinning as a concept, as a technology trend, and as a strategic business tool in the global automotive sector. It explores everything that a business needs to know about digital twinning and industry developments, including future implications and opportunities.

Digital twinning is a result of digitalization efforts that span many years. Predominantly a theoretical concept since the 60s, various industries are now using digital twins in response to technology trends and geopolitical factors, including Industry 4.0 and the global COVID-19 pandemic. Digital twinning is a disruptive and transformative concept with data at its core. Complex interactions among various technologies are needed for its implementation, but it has far-reaching effects across business areas, from strategic decision-making to ensuring a zero-hazard shop floors.

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