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Measurement & Instrumentation

Global Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Software Growth Opportunities

Increasing Interest in Digitalization will Enhance the Future Growth Potential of NDT Software

This research analyzes the global trends in NDT software and discusses their impact on the market's growth. It provides a detailed landscape of the industry drivers, restraints, and segments. Historically, the NDT software market has had steady growth, with software sales predominantly tied to testing and inspection requirements across industries. The market witnessed growth in 2021, following the pandemic, as industries saw an uptick in demand.

However, the Russo-Ukrainian war in 2022 dampened the post-pandemic recovery. The market is expected to resume its steady growth during the forecast period. The geographical scope of the study includes the Americas, Europe, the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. This study segments the NDT software market into integrated software and standalone software and provides country-level analysis for integrated software. It covers market share analyses of the top competitors at the total market level. It also provides annual estimates and forecasts for 2020 to 2026.

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