2025 Vision: Future of Pumps in a Connected World

Innovative Business Models Centered Around Services are Expected to Unlock New Revenue Streams for the Pumps Industry

This study forecasts the future of the pumps industry amidst the onset of a new wave of digitalization and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The changing market conditions influenced by demand-supply shock, oil price volatility, political tension, and shift in customer preferences are making pump manufacturers revisit their value proposition. In a mature and fragmented industry like pumps where growth from pump equipment remains in the single digit, pump OEMs have started to observe a spike in demand for aftermarket services. This spike also indicates a shift in pump OEMs’ role from being mere product suppliers to a thought-partner enabling end users in their digital transformation journey to collaboratively build a connected ecosystem. The pumps market, valued at ~$38.34 billion in 2019, is expected to discover new growth opportunities by expanding its service capabilities with IIoT technologies and move beyond standard aftermarket services. In this pump visionary study, we have identified the top 5 global Mega Trends and assessed their implication for the pumps industry. The study also discusses the market size and offers a breakdown by region, product segment, and end-user industry. To understand the role of services in the pump market, the study also includes revenue potential from the services segment. An overview of the key market participants, their product offering, and their market positioning have been provided in this report.


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