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Top 50 Technologies for 2022: Emerging Growth Avenues Transforming IT and Communications Join our GIL Council to be a Part of a Robust Community Aimed at Translating Consumer Perceptions into Business Opportunities Benefit from a Complimentary Dialog with our Growth Coaches and Assess Your Company's Growth Strategy Frost Radar—Identity and Access Management, 2022 Next-generation 911: Which Growth Prospects are Influencing the Future of Public Safety? How are Innovative Growth Opportunities Driving the Global Secure Access Service Edge Sector?

Growth Opportunities

Emerging Growth Opportunities Driving the Evolution of the Global Endpoint Security Sector
Emerging Growth Opportunities Driving the Evolution of the Global Endpoint Security Sector

What are the various host-based software products that secure computing devices? How do you ensure the security of cloud-based applications? What are the growth-based strategies for endpoint security vendors? What are the emerging opportunities identified in the EPP and EDR platforms?

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Potential Growth Prospects Transforming the Identity and Access Management Landscape
Potential Growth Prospects Transforming the Identity and Access Management Landscape

What are the latest product offerings in IAM solutions and products? Who are the key industry participants, and what are the strategic imperatives affecting this industry’s growth? Explore the recent innovations and developments based on verticals, regions, and technologies.

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Novel Growth Avenues Redefining the Global Customer Experience (CX) Outsourcing Services Sector
Novel Growth Avenues Redefining Global Customer Experience (CX) Outsourcing Services

How have CX outsourcers’ priorities shifted from a task-based focus toward achieving top-line outcomes? Which smart solutions will help achieve business goals? Examine the key players, service offerings, challenges, drivers, restraints, and recent transformations in this industry.

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Growth Analytics

Explore our growth analytics offerings such as key account management (KAM), research-as-a-service (RaaS), global opportunity scouting, competitive intelligence, marketing and sales operations support, content management, and much more.

CxO Insights


The Rise of the Sheconomy: Women’s Increasing Impact on Business, Culture, and Healthcare (Part 2)

Reenita Das
Partner, Senior VP, Healthcare and Life Sciences – Frost & Sullivan

The Sheconomy impacts almost every economic sector because a more significant proportion of highly educated women are joining the global workforce every year. With the increase in spending power, women are propelling economic activity from both ends—accelerating growth as a workforce and featuring as promising retail consumers. However, this female-powered economy is more than a mega trend for leveraging the economy. It is a massive force that addresses the inequalities women have faced at home, in society, and in their workplaces for generations.

Schedule a dialog or email us at myfrost@frost.com to connect with an industry expert at no charge. We are taking unprecedented action to make our team available to help you cut through the media and politics to get factual one-to-one guidance for the issues and opportunities that matter most to your business.

Frost Radars & Top Growth Insights

Frost Radar—Endpoint Security, 2022
Endpoint Security

Assess the need to secure devices with BYOD replacing corporate device management

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Frost Radar—Asia-Pacific Cloud Contact Center Services, 2022
APAC Cloud Contact Centers

What is impacting digital channels, software applications, and technology solutions?

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Asia-Pacific 5G Digital Indoor System (DIS) and Small Cell: What are the Latest Growth Opportunities?
APAC 5G DIS and Small Cell

Which developments have led mobile operators to reinvent their value propositions?

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What are the Novel Growth Prospects for the Global Social Video Sector?
Social Video

Examine overall spending on mobile advertising and consumer spending on mobile apps

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Biometric Authentication: Disruptive Innovations With Vast Growth Potential
Biometric Authentication

Explore how the ubiquity of modalities like fingerprint and facial recognition drives growth

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Which Transformational Strategies are Driving the Growth of the Digital Trust and Safety Industry?
Digital Trust and Safety

Identify the content moderation techniques and tools along with the profiles of major service providers

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Impact of 5G in Customer Experience: Growth-based Strategies Unveiled
5G in Customer Experience

How will the next generation of wireless network technology help achieve CX goals?

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Customer Insights on Streaming Media Usage in the Education Sector Reveals New Growth Hubs
Media Usage in Education

What is the pandemic’s impact on the demand for streaming solutions in this sector?

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Analyst Insights

This month, the Frost & Sullivan research team evaluated the Stem Ecosystem conference room system from Shure, Inc. The Stem Ecosystem portfolio comprises a modular set of high-quality audio devices that can be mixed and matched to create integrated solutions for collaboration spaces of various sizes, configurations, and use cases. The Stem Ecosystem Platform tools (Stem RoomDesign, RoomAdapt, RoomCheck, and Remote Management) assist with installation, calibration, and management in support of Stem Speaker, Wall, Table, Ceiling, Hub, and Control devices.
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For decades, IBM has remained at the forefront of developing advanced business solutions that leverage IT to help clients thrive in ever-more competitive global markets. Increasingly, travel companies have been realizing that their future success depends on their ability to work effectively as members of the digital travel ecosystem.
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Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 IT Decision-Maker Survey reveals that among the most crucial corporate goals, the top 3 focus on customers. With rising costs sweeping the world, it is surprising to see cost-related goals fall in prominence. Enriching customer experience (CX), improving brand equity, and promoting digital commerce are cited as the top 3 objectives for 2022, moving the contact center, often seen as a cost center, to the front and center of business growth.
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Press Releases

Mobile-first Communications Solutions to Empower Diverse Hybrid Workforces

Organizations have shifted to hybrid work models and adopted new mobile communications strategies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Evaluating Mobile Communications Solutions for the Hybrid Workforce, finds that companies’ increasing adoption of mobile-first communications allows them to address work from anywhere at any time.

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Advanced Communication and Collaboration Solutions Boost Efficiency for Frontline Workers in Global Financial Services

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis reveals that technology vendors are rolling out new and improved communication, collaboration, and contact center solutions to help financial service institutions connect a workforce that is more widely distributed than ever before. Comprising various business types, including commercial and consumer lending, investment agencies, and insurance collections, the global financial services sector employs diverse worker roles across back-office and frontline staff, including industry-specific and general business roles.

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Enterprise Security Concerns Drive Global Demand for Fraud Detection & Prevention Solutions

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis finds that enterprises’ increasing need to detect and prevent fraudulent activities on the internet is accelerating the global fraud detection & prevention (FDP) market. FDP solutions leverage identification and authentication technologies to identify potentially fraudulent actions and help organizations investigate suspicious behaviors and inconsistent data elements, keeping organizations safe from financial and reputational damage.

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