• What are the Significant Growth Opportunities for the Global Food Emulsifiers and Texturizers Sector?
    Increasing consumer demand for plant-based food and beverage products will propel new product development in the natural food emulsifiers and texturizers sector

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    The analysis on global food emulsifiers and texturizers assesses growth opportunities for various types of natural and synthetic food emulsifiers and texturizers worldwide.

    • In terms of food texturizers, the analysis focuses on natural texturizers, such as hydrocolloids, starch, functional proteins, functional fibers, and functional flour, while the synthetic category only covers methylcellulose. In the hydrocolloids category, ingredients such as guar gum, pectin, and locust bean gum will drive growth because they are highly versatile.

    • The analysis includes applications such as bakery, dairy, confectionery, beverages, and meat and meat analogs, among others. Dairy, followed by the bakery segment, dominates the global food emulsifiers and texturizers sector because of the rising demand for plant-based dairy products and for emulsifiers and texturizers in gluten-free bakery applications.

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