• What are the Emerging Growth Opportunities for Global Air Navigation Service Providers?
    Liberalization and unmanned air traffic management will drive future growth

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    This Frost & Sullivan analysis tracks the global air navigation service provider (ANSP) sector, which continues to be dominated by state-owned participants, with a small number of private participants that operate in countries where air navigation operations are completely or partially liberalized.

    • The analysis also tracks key technologies. In addition, it analyzes the ANSP sector by segmenting it into 6 key regions.

    • In recent years, private participants' focus on digitalization has increased, with an emphasis on remote towers. A few countries that have allowed private companies to manage their airspace have offered contracts to install remote towers.

    • The growth of passenger traffic, which leads to an increased number of routes; the potential increase in future aircraft deliveries; and the development of new carriers are some important factors that will drive growth.

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