• What are the Transformative Growth Opportunities for the Saudi Arabian Macroeconomic Space?


    Rebounding from the COVID-19 induced slump in 2020, Saudi Arabia is expected to become the fastest growing major economy, with 2022 real GDP growth rate estimated to reach 9.6%. Amidst the changing socio-economic developments, business reforms and economic diversification being undertaken as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 initiative, it is imperative to understand the near and medium-term growth prospects of the country. Get to know:

    •Which sectors will be the frontrunners of Saudi Arabia’s economic growth as the nation weens off its dependence on oil?

    •Which industry specific policy initiatives will help Saudi Arabia become a global investment powerhouse?

    •This Saudi Arabian macroeconomic thought leadership provides a growth snapshot of the country through the identification of growth conditions and policy reviews.

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