• What are the Innovative Growth Opportunities Driven by Green Manufacturing?
    Growth strategies leading to innovation culture and sustainable industries


    Amidst heatwaves and floods, climate threat is being felt across the globe; industries play a vital role toward the net-zero goal by directly contributing to controlling emissions and mitigating the climate crisis. Environmental concerns are compelling the government and industry players to direct their efforts to the greening of the industries and switch to a green manufacturing model. Manufacturers across various sectors may have different motivations to adopt sustainable practices, for some, it could be sticking to government regulation while for others major drivers could be to build a green label and gain customer loyalty or increase operational efficiency. However, the successful execution of green manufacturing goes beyond these individual motivations and requires substantial efforts in terms of technology and investment. Therefore, there are three pillars that enable green manufacturing which are government initiatives & regulations, advanced technology solutions, and innovative business models.

    • How critical is the role of governments in encouraging green industries, and how can by offering support and promoting sustainable practices?

    • Why will ‘green technologies’ ease the process of sustainable production and emission control?

    • How are manufacturers incorporating technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) for predictive analytics, industrial internet of things (IIoT) for emission monitoring, 3D printing to achieve zero defect and waste, and digital twin to control production processes and optimize resource utilization?

    • What are the innovative business and service models that can help achieve the objective of net zero transition?

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