• What are the Growth Opportunities in Stationary Fuel Cells and How can you Leverage Them?
    Huge levels of global investment in the hydrogen economy will be key to taking the sector and the technology to the next level


    Energy decentralization, supportive regulations and policies, greater focus on sustainability, and the crucial development of a hydrogen economy will drive stationary fuel cell growth during the next decade. The opportunity for decentralized energy solutions is thriving as residential, commercial, and industrial customers look to achieve greater energy security and cost savings.

    • What are the key areas of improvement that fuel cell manufacturers are focusing on to enhance their solutions?

    • How did the commodity and supply chain crunch impact the fuel cell space in 2022, and what are the expectations for the medium term?

    • How does the development of the hydrogen economy influence the growth of the global fuel cell sector, and what role does low-carbon hydrogen infrastructure play?

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