• What are the Promising Growth Opportunities and Digital Innovations in Agriculture?
    Transformational growth of crop yield due to high-accuracy data collection, real-time communication, and precise analytics


    The global population is estimated to increase by 25% and reach 9 billion by 2050. The rising population, coupled with an improved standard of living, results in increased nutrient consumption per capita, driving food demand. Freshwater resources are declining, and frequent cropping to meet the growing demand damages the soil. Water and soil are among the essential components of agriculture, and a decline in these 2 necessitates the farming landscape shift.

    • Why will digital agriculture play an inevitable and important role in the shift of the farming space from conventional practices to more sustainable practices?

    • Which technologies are deployed in the digital farming landscape?

    • What are the major growth opportunities for digital agriculture technology providers?

    • Who are the key stakeholders involved in developing innovative solutions?

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