• What are the Transformative Growth Opportunities and Developments Shaping the Gig Economy?
    Business world shifts toward an alternative workforce


    Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced changes across the global business landscape, the labor market has transformed drastically and will evolve even more, driven by technological innovation and the risk of recession. These swift changes have boosted demand for gig workers. Frost & Sullivan expects the gig economy to become a workforce mainstay.

    • How have various factors, such as uncertainty about the job space and rising inflation, contributed to the growth of the gig economy?

    • What are the key drivers that are expected to propel the gig economy to reach $455.63 billion by 2030, according to Frost & Sullivan?

    • What are the potential challenges or risks that companies face when working with gig workers, particularly in terms of visibility and control over their extended workforce and related expenses?

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