• Which Growth Opportunities from Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) Will Augment Human Capabilities and Possibilities?
    A journey into the world of artificial generation and synthetic creation


    Based on public data-trained models, Gen AI algorithms can generate new and creative information/data like the original content produced by humans. This phenomenon has created a massive buzz in the sector, transforming how we search for information, create content, and conduct business.

    • What are the key challenges faced by companies in creating generative AI models that can create text, images, conduct R&D, and develop new products, and how can compliance with sector standards and regulatory needs be ensured?

    • What methods and strategies can be developed to safeguard content generated by generative AI models from cyberattacks and fraudulent activities?

    • How have large language models and generative AI-based solutions transformed various sectors, workflows, and tasks, and what potential impact can they have in the future?

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