• How is Digitalization Driving New Growth Opportunities in the Food and Beverage Space?
    Robotics and traceability technologies to ensure greater return on investment (ROI) & margin

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    Food & Beverage (F&B) manufacturing has embraced various tools to move up production and quality. Advancements in real-time data processing and predictive analytics further help introduce new ways of utilizing data to generate insights for effective decision-making. Successful F&B companies are constantly innovating and upgrading their technological infrastructure using elements of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), such as edge computing, Big Data, predictive analytics, cloud, and other applications.

    • Why will automation massively improve process and product efficiency in this sector?

    • Why are companies looking at exploring ways to adopt digital technologies to improve the quality of food production?

    • How can major participants be more systematic about meeting evolving consumer demands?

    • How have top technology developments impacted the adoption of automation tools for F&B production?

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