• Which Innovative Growth Opportunities Can Take the Automotive Landscape to the Next Level?
    Easing of chip shortage crisis, increasing electric vehicle adoption, and improving macroeconomics to drive light vehicle sales by 3.3%

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    Global light vehicle (LV) sales reached 79.9 million units in 2022, registering 1.3% lower sales than in 2021. China was the top-selling region with 25.7 million units, ahead of the United States at 13.9 million and Japan at 4.1 million. The Russo-Ukrainian War resulted in production delays owing to part supply delays and semiconductor shortages, leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to skip certain advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) features to avoid delays in vehicle deliveries.

    • What are the regional sales of global light vehicles, including key highlights of 2022 and the top developments driving the sector in 2023?

    • How do the changing customer needs in areas such as gamification, productivity, and entertainment inside the vehicle impact this landscape's growth?

    • How does the shift towards connected features, digitization, and autonomy drive sales?

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