Top 50 Emerging Technologies of 2023: What are the Innovative Growth Opportunities? Join Us to be Part of a Robust Community Aimed at Translating Consumer Perceptions into Business Opportunities for the Industrial Landscape Make a Difference in the Industrial Space: Explore how a Complimentary Growth Pipeline Dialog™ with our Growth Coaches can Benefit you What are the Top 10 Growth Opportunities for Automation and Manufacturing Industries? Global Wide Bandgap Semiconductors: Which Growth Opportunities Showcase Vast Potential? What are the Top 10 Growth Opportunities for the Semiconductors Landscape?

Top Growth Opportunities

What are the Growth Opportunities Driving the Global Coordinate Measuring Machine Probe Sector?
What are the Growth Opportunities Driving the Global Coordinate Measuring Machine Probe Sector?

What's on the horizon for coordinate measuring machine (CMM) probes? Which types of CMM probing, for stationary and portable machines, will fuel growth in various end-user segments and regions? Obtain a regional perspective on demand patterns in developed and developing economies. Also, analyze the competitive landscape, including equipment type shares and much more.

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Which Growth Opportunities and Regulations are Driving the Evolution of Quality Management Software?
Which Growth Opportunities and Regulations are Driving the Evolution of Quality Management Software (QMS)?

What drives the adoption of modern QMS and how can small, medium-sized businesses, and startups capitalize on it? How do artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital technologies apply in this landscape? What’s next for supplier quality management? What are the major acquisitions? Track the factors fueling expansion, opportunities, major players, and more.

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How are Novel Growth Opportunities Paving the Way for Innovation in Industrial Robotics?
How are Novel Growth Opportunities Paving the Way for Innovations in the Industrial Robotics Space?

Are you maximizing the power of robotics to drive efficiency and productivity? What are the revenue shares for all robot types? Explore how the infusion of artificial intelligence and machine learning is revolutionizing this field. Stay updated on the latest product upgrades. Unleash the potential of robotics to fuel your company’s growth while making a significant impact on reducing your carbon footprint.

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The Three Components Required for Transformational Growth

Transformational Growth

How can Leaders & Companies Achieve Transformational Growth?

Are you ready to take your business on a transformational journey towards growth? Don't miss out on the critical components that can help you achieve success - Growth Content, Growth Community, and Growth Coaching.

Growth Content identifies the most promising Growth Opportunities in each sector. Frost Radars, benchmark the future growth potential of top companies in each sector. Best Practices Recognition provides an in-depth examination of successful strategies and tactics used by leading companies and offers recommendations for implementation to drive performance and success.

Growth Community helps you connect with the brightest minds and activate your success with our peer-to-peer network, peer meetings, annual growth events, executive roundtables, and access to inspiring activities such as our innovation workshops. It also consists of our 12-month long series of Growth Council Think Tanks which will discuss various aspects of different sectors.

Growth Coaching helps you gain the tools necessary to be able to activate your growth initiatives through executive coaching clinics, workshops, expert growth coaches and Ad Hoc Interactions.

Schedule a dialog or email us at myfrost@frost.com to connect with an Frost growth expert at no charge. We are taking unprecedented action to make our team available to help you cut through the media and politics to get factual one-to-one guidance for the issues and opportunities that matter most to your business.

Growth Opportunities by Sector

Global structural health monitoring Equipment: What are the Novel Growth Opportunities?
Structural Health Monitoring

Explore key drivers like wired and wireless component requirements for equipment in this space

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Which Growth Opportunities will Take Analytical Instrumentation to the Next Level?
Analytical Instrumentation

How are technologies like chromatography and mass spectrometry primed for growth?

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What are the Innovative Growth Opportunities Transforming the Analytical Instrumentation Consumables Sector?
Instrumentation Consumables

How can you achieve growth in this segment amidst competition, inflation, and economic stagnation?

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Global Non-destructive (NDT) Testing Software: What are the Emerging Growth Opportunities?
Non-destructive Testing

How can you capitalize on the impact of digitalization on this ever-evolving landscape?

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Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL): How are Technological Advancements and Stakeholder Activities Maximizing Growth Opportunities?

What are the distinctive advantages and offerings of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL)?

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Global Water and Wastewater Pumps: What are the Potential Growth Opportunities?
Water and Wastewater Pumps

What are the new service-based models that will impact the growth of original equipment manufacturers?

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How are Growth Opportunities in 5G Semiconductors Fabricating the Future of Communications?
5G Semiconductors

What are the key product types enabling connectivity in devices and network infrastructure?

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Global Humidity and Moisture Sensors: Which Growth Opportunities Showcase Vast Potential?
Humidity and Moisture Sensors

How can combined sensors and Internet of Things help you accelerate your growth potential?

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Many consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers are affected by supply chain shortages and are taking steps to avoid shortages or overproducing items, not in demand. In October 2022, PepsiCo said it plans to automate and digitize more of its supply chain data to ease ingredient shortages and boost efficiency. PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta and Chief Financial Officer Hugh Johnston said the company is focused on “automating and digitizing our supply chain to support our innovation pipeline with greater agility and speed-to-market”.
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Frost & Sullivan recently assessed the connected worker solutions sector and, based on its findings, recognizes Augmentir with the 2023 Global Company of the Year Award. The company provides the only artificial intelligence (AI)-powered connected worker platform for the industrial sector. Augmentir has earned an impeccable reputation for delivering unparalleled value by optimizing digital workflows and enhancing quality, performance, and safety. With its exceptional blend of leadership, heritage, and innovation, the company is positioned as a preferred partner in the connected worker arena.
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Press Releases

TrendMiner Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for Global Product Leadership in the Category of Industrial Analytics

Recently, Frost & Sullivan analysed the industrial analytics solutions sector and, based on its analysis results, recognizes TrendMiner, a Software AG company, with the 2023 Global Product Leadership Award. This award recognizes TrendMiner’s dedication to creating a user-friendly solution that enables operational experts to make data-driven decisions and optimize performance in pursuit of business, environmental, and safety ambitions. Frost & Sullivan applies a rigorous analytical process to evaluate multiple nominees for each award category before determining the final award recipient. The process involves a detailed evaluation of best practices criteria across two dimensions for each nominated company. TrendMiner excels in many of the criteria in the industrial analytics solutions space.

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The Global Non-destructive Testing Software Sector to Witness Growth with Improved Safety Requirements

Improved safety requirements across industries will drive the non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment space, inflating the demand for integrated software, according to Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis of the global NDT software sector. As NDT software sales are predominantly tied to testing and inspection requirements across sectors, the shift toward electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy will augment growth prospects. The NDT testing software sector is expected to reach $853.7 million by 2026 from $503.8 million in 2021, registering expansion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.1%.

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Digital Solutions and Sustainability Prompt the Global Building Management Systems' Sector Growth

Increasing sector convergence and the emergence of innovative technologies revolutionize the global building management system (BMS) sector. Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis of the global building management systems sector finds that the need to ensure occupants’ safety and comfort encourages BMS participants to focus on the digitalization of buildings. The global BMS growth will likely reach $5.15 billion by 2026 from $3.52 billion in 2021, witnessing expansion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.9%.

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