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Top 50 Emerging Technologies of 2023: Which Growth Opportunities Will Transform the Global Business Landscape? Join Us to be Part of a Robust Community Aimed at Translating Consumer Perceptions into Business Opportunities for the Chemicals, Materials, and Nutrition Landscape Make a Difference in the Chemicals, Materials, and Nutrition Landscape: Explore how a Complimentary Growth Pipeline Dialog™ with our Growth Coaches can Benefit you™ with our Growth Coaches can Benefit you Global Nutritional Lipids Growth Opportunities Global Agrochemicals Short-term Growth Opportunities—2027 Sustainability—A Personal Protective Equipment Perspective

Transformational Journey And Growth Council Think Tanks

The Materials Sector is Evolving – But How Do You Sustain Growth During the Transition?

How is your organization preparing for the transformative shift in the materials sector, driven by the need to adopt sustainable practices, digital technology, and automation? Embracing a holistic approach that combines digital tech and sustainability while delivering value to customers is crucial for thriving in this dynamic business landscape. Failure to do so puts businesses at a significant disadvantage. What is your take on growth?

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Which Investment Strategies are Driving Recycling Infrastructure Development?

Sign up for the Growth Council Think Tank Series, a 12-month journey, exploring various strategic partnerships in the global materials landscape. Join us this month as we delve deep into the global avenues of growth in this sector. The upcoming sessions will focus on nutrition & wellness, personal protective equipment, chemicals, and more. Become a part of our Growth Council Think Tank Series to identify key growth opportunities transforming your sector.

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Top Growth Opportunities

Which Transformational Opportunities are Unleashing Rapid Growth in the Global Medical Space?
What are the Major Growth Opportunities Transforming the Global Medical Plastics Sector?

What is the impact of increasing healthcare expenditure and healthcare infrastructure upgrade initiatives on the sector? Which countries are benefitting from these efforts? How does the demand for commodity thermoplastics drive growth? Are you capturing the opportunities effectively?

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Soluble Dietary Fibers: Which Growth Opportunities Will Power the Evolution of this Sector?
Soluble Dietary Fibers: Which Growth Opportunities Will Power the Evolution of this Sector?

What opportunities exist for key players and stakeholders to capitalize on? Which segment held the highest revenue share in 2022? Gain an overview of the primary application areas, including food and beverages, dietary supplements, infant nutrition, and medical nutrition.

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Vending Machine for Personal Protective Equipment: What are the Robust Growth Opportunities?
Vending Machine for Personal Protective Equipment: What are the Robust Growth Opportunities?

What are a few advantages of PPE vending machines? How does the penetration of dual technology with vending machines and reverse vending machines contribute to end-user sustainability and carbon footprint reduction efforts? Are monthly subscriptions the best way to gain a competitive advantage?

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The Three Components Required for Transformational Growth

Transformational Growth

How can Leaders & Companies Achieve Transformational Growth?

Are you ready to take your business on a transformational journey towards growth? Don't miss out on the critical components that can help you achieve success - Growth Content, Growth Community, and Growth Coaching.

Growth Content identifies the most promising Growth Opportunities in each sector. Frost Radars, benchmark the future growth potential of top companies in each sector. Best Practices Recognition provides an in-depth examination of successful strategies and tactics used by leading companies and offers recommendations for implementation to drive performance and success.

Growth Community helps you connect with the brightest minds and activate your success with our peer-to-peer network, peer meetings, annual growth events, executive roundtables, and access to inspiring activities such as our innovation workshops. It also consists of our 12-month long series of Growth Council Think Tanks which will discuss various aspects of different sectors.

Growth Coaching helps you gain the tools necessary to be able to activate your growth initiatives through executive coaching clinics, workshops, expert growth coaches and Ad Hoc Interactions.

Schedule a dialog or email us at myfrost@frost.com to connect with an Frost growth expert at no charge. We are taking unprecedented action to make our team available to help you cut through the media and politics to get factual one-to-one guidance for the issues and opportunities that matter most to your business.

Growth Content

How are Growth Opportunities Taking the Global Smart Coatings Space to the Next Level?
Smart Coatings

What are the various opportunities for self-healing and superhydrophobic types in this sector?

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Materials for Modular Construction: Which Growth Opportunities Can Drive Rapid Transformations?
Modular Construction

How do the advancements in materials & technologies and the shift toward sustainability drive growth?

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What are the Robust Growth Opportunities for the Botanical Ingredients Sector?
Botanical Ingredients

How is this sector poised for growth across nutraceuticals and personal care and cosmetics?

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What are the Major Transformative Growth Opportunities for the Bioplastic Sector?

Analyze the twin challenges of reducing fossil fuel consumption and decreasing plastic waste

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How Will Emerging Growth Opportunities Transform the Construction Chemicals Sector?
Construction Chemicals

What are the primary growth factors? How are decisions influenced by immediate costs?

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Powder Coatings: Which Growth Opportunities will Power the Scaling of this Sector?
Powder Coatings

Which strategies can help strengthen sustainable products and lead to transformation and growth?

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Which Growth Opportunities Will Transform the Global Nutraceutical Sector?

How can increasing consumer awareness and changing dietary habits help you achieve growth in this sector?

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What are the Novel Growth Opportunities for Food Emulsifiers and Texturizers?
Food Emulsifiers

Explore how raw material shortage in conventional products increases demand and growth for natural types

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Best Practices Recognition

Who are the top companies across various regions and industries in terms of leadership and innovation?

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Cross Industry
Economic Analytics

Developed Europe: What are the innovative macroeconomic growth opportunities?

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Business & Financial Services

Which growth opportunities will drive the transformation of equity crowdfunding platforms?

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Upcoming Frost & Sullivan Events

Customer Experience Ecosystem
Innovation Workshop and Tour
Customer Experience Ecosystem
Innovation Workshop & Tour


Dhahran, Saudi Arabia-based Aramco completed the acquisition of Valvoline’s Global Products unit in March 2023. The deal, which closed for $2.65 billion with an equity purchase agreement between the two companies, was first announced on 1st August 2022. With this acquisition, Aramco now owns the ‘Valvoline’ brand and products including lubricants, heat transfer fluids, and other maintenance products sold through Valvoline’s global products business.
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2022 marked another volatile year in the chemicals sector across GCC. While the sector witnessed a rebound in demand after the pandemic, new challenges emerged in the form of high raw material costs, geopolitical turbulences and continued supply chain disruptions.
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Press Releases

AvantGuard Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for Extending the Life of Chlorine-based Disinfectants for Sustained Efficacy with Its Residual Antimicrobial Solutions

Frost & Sullivan recently assessed the North American residual antimicrobials sector and based on its findings, recognizes AvantGuard with the 2023 North American Technology Innovation Leadership Award for its residual antimicrobial solutions. The company adopts automated disinfection protocols to minimize manual labor and ensure wide-scale uniform cleaning in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. AvantGuard partnered with Auburn University in 2019 to license the N-halamine technology and develop residual antimicrobials to provide prolonged efficacy and to meet the global demand for the same. The company integrates the N-halamine and zwitterion structure to fabricate a lineup of durable antimicrobial solutions that provide sustained antimicrobial efficacy.

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Need for Solvent-free Alternatives Driving Demand for Emulsion Polymers

According to Frost & Sullivan’s most recent analysis, Global Emulsion Polymer Growth Opportunities, the expansion of the emulsion polymers sector (EPs) across sectors is influenced by their growing use in end-use applications. While paints and coatings, paper, and packaging are the main verticals driving demand for EPs, acrylics, and vinyl are key chemistries contributing to the sector’s total growth. From $40.30 billion in 2022 to $59.78 billion in 2029, the global sector for EP is anticipated to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8%.

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Advancements in Technology Lead the Vertical Farming Sector toward Prosperity

A growing population, the shortage of land and water, and increasing pressure on traditional agricultural methods have led to a shift toward new farming practices like vertical farming. Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Vertical Farming Growth Opportunities, finds that the vertical farming sector is heading in the right direction because of technological improvements and the use of renewable energy sources.

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