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Top 50 Emerging Technologies of 2023: Which Growth Opportunities Will Drive Major Transformations? Join Us to be Part of a Robust Community Aimed at Translating Consumer Perceptions into Business Opportunities for the Technology Landscape Make a Difference in the Technology Space: Explore how a Complimentary Growth Pipeline Dialog™ with our Growth Coaches can Benefit you Which Growth Opportunities are Transforming Additive Manufacturing Technologies in the Oil and Gas Space? How are Growth Opportunities in Smart Sensors Influencing the Evolution of Industrial Automation? Robotics in Military and Defense Applications: What are the Ground-breaking Growth Opportunities?

Top Growth Opportunities

Which Growth Opportunities from Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) Will Augment Human Capabilities and Possibilities?
Which Growth Opportunities from Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) Will Augment Human Capabilities and Possibilities?

Explore the transformative potential of generative AI-based solutions powered by developments in large language models. Witness how this technology is reshaping sectors, workflows, and tasks like never before. With funding and innovation skyrocketing in this ecosystem, prepare for profound changes and boundless opportunities across industries & nodes.

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Growth Opportunities for Industry Cloud Platforms: An End-to-end Specialized Solution
Which Growth Opportunities are Transforming Industry Cloud Platforms into End-to-end Specialized Solutions?

Why are industry cloud platforms gaining popularity among organizations? How do industry cloud platforms help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation for businesses? What are the key factors driving the increasing adoption of industry cloud platforms, including scalability, reliability, security, cost efficiency, and customization?

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Emerging Growth Opportunities for Thermo-Chemical Waste Treatment Technologies
Which Growth Opportunities for Thermo-Chemical Waste Treatment Technologies Facilitate Sustainable Fuel Generation?

How can you unlock the potential of the circular economy and drive a transition toward efficient waste valorization technologies? With governments shutting down non-compliant incineration facilities, there is ample opportunity to embrace sustainable practices that ensure both circularity and compliance with industry regulations. Get to know more in this analysis.

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Transformational Growth

Transformational Growth

How can Leaders & Companies Achieve Transformational Growth?

Are you ready to take your business on a transformational journey towards growth? Don't miss out on the critical components that can help you achieve success - Growth Content, Growth Community, and Growth Coaching.

Growth Content identifies the most promising Growth Opportunities in each sector. Frost Radars, benchmark the future growth potential of top companies in each sector. Best Practices Recognition provides an in-depth examination of successful strategies and tactics used by leading companies and offers recommendations for implementation to drive performance and success.

Growth Community helps you connect with the brightest minds and activate your success with our peer-to-peer network, peer meetings, annual growth events, executive roundtables, and access to inspiring activities such as our innovation workshops. It also consists of our 12-month long series of Growth Council Think Tanks which will discuss various aspects of different sectors.

Growth Coaching helps you gain the tools necessary to be able to activate your growth initiatives through executive coaching clinics, workshops, expert growth coaches and Ad Hoc Interactions.

Schedule a dialog or email us at myfrost@frost.com to connect with a Frost growth expert at no charge. We are taking unprecedented action to make our team available to help you cut through the media and politics to get factual one-to-one guidance for the issues and opportunities that matter most to your business.

Growth Content

What Growth Opportunities are Defining the Future of Skincare Technologies?
Skincare Technologies

What are the advances driving clinical evidence in the skin brightening segment?

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How are Innovative Growth Opportunities Transforming the Inhaled Therapeutics Landscape?
Inhaled Therapeutics

Assess how you can benefit from significant developments in this space like new formulation methods

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Which Growth Opportunities and Technologies are Enabling Growth in the Self-Care Space?

Identify the leading patent owners and significant innovators in this evolving landscape

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What are the Key Advancements and Growth Opportunities in the Evolution of Neuroimaging?

Explore a wide range of emerging technologies that your business can capitalize on

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Best Practices Recognition

Who are the top companies across various regions and industries in terms of leadership and innovation?

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Cross Industry
Economic Analytics

What are the growth opportunities arising from India’s automotive manufacturing policy thrust?

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Business & Financial Services

Which growth opportunities will drive the insurtech risk assessment and analytics landscape?

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Blogs & Media Mentions

Frost & Sullivan assessed the identity and access management sector and, based on its findings, recognizes Uniken with the 2023 Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award. Uniken designed a robust user authentication and security platform that enables banks and other institutions to design secure applications and protect users from security breaches at each stage of their customer journey. The REL-ID platform adopts a mobile-first approach and emphasizes crafting a uniform user experience across multiple online and offline channels, such as mobile applications, web applications, kiosks, and in-person branch interactions. REL-ID is a robust security solution that accelerates digitalization efforts and enhances user experiences.
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Precision medicine (PM) strategies are driving an era of value-based care to make diagnosis, treatment, and disease management more targeted and patient-centric, improving treatment outcomes and reducing overall healthcare costs. PM’s utility is expanding across the continuum of healthcare to achieve equitable, outcome-driven healthcare delivery. The PM will find high clinical utility for diseases where over and undertreatment could lead to resistance and serious side effects.
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In September 2014, the Government of India launched a major national programme called the Make in India initiative to boost the manufacturing sector by providing investments and incentives for best-in-class facilities and infrastructure. Medtech was recognised as the sunrise sector under the Make in India campaign. According to the India Brand Equity Foundation, the Indian Medtech sector is growing at a CAGR of 37 per cent and by 2050, it is expected to reach $50 billion.
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Press Releases

AvantGuard Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for Extending the Life of Chlorine-based Disinfectants for Sustained Efficacy with Its Residual Antimicrobial Solutions

Frost & Sullivan recently assessed the North American residual antimicrobials sector and, based on its findings, recognizes AvantGuard with the 2023 North American Technology Innovation Leadership Award for its residual antimicrobial solutions. The company adopts automated disinfection protocols to minimize manual labor and ensure wide-scale uniform cleaning in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

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AIRS Medical Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for Reducing MRI Equipment’s Exam Wait Times with Its SwiftMR Technology

Frost & Sullivan analysed the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) reconstruction solution sector and, based on its findings, recognizes AIRS Medical with the 2023 North American Technology Innovation Leadership Award. The company offers AI-based diagnostic tests and robotic technologies to improve the patient and healthcare provider experience.

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Itaconix Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for Enabling Companies to Increase their Sustainability Cost-Effectively and Improve Product Performance with its Bio-based Alternatives

Recently Frost & Sullivan analysed the bio-based polymer sector, and based on its findings, recognizes Itaconix Plc with the 2022 North American Enabling Technology Leadership Award. The company is a provider of sustainable specialty chemical ingredients for cleaning, beauty, and hygiene applications. Backed by world-class subject matter experts and driven by its vision of decarbonizing everyday consumer products, the company developed a pioneering proprietary process for itaconic acid polymer production. This technical breakthrough enables Itaconix to manufacture bio-based ingredients with unique functionality from itaconic acid that perform better than fossil-based acrylic acid polymers in many applications.

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