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Frost & Sullivan's global community is focused on engaging and inspiring a continuous flow of fresh perspectives that facilitate innovation, best practices and visionary thinking to help shape a better future of growth for today's executives.

The Growth Opportunity Newsletter (GON) is the ideal place to promote your brand to the largest global community of people devoted to growth, innovation and leadership. The GON has a global reach of around 200K subscriptions with an opening rate of 15 - 20% and is delivered weekly based on the industry practice area.

The Newsletter’s smart design guarantees viewership by presenting your advertisement in the optimal location. There are several ways you can endorse your organisation through the GON. Feel free to schedule a discussion to know more about your advertisement options.


The Growth Opportunity Newsletter enhances the value of your marketing efforts by offering the following benefits:

  • Reach: An enthralling global subscription base
  • Influential Readers: CEOs, Marketing, Sales, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Development, Research & Development, Market Research, Competitive Intelligence and Investors
  • Insightful Articles: Provides a 360 Degree Perspectiveâ„¢ of major markets and industries researched by our global team of expert analysts

Advertisement Sizes & Samples

Slider Banner Spot

The slider banner space is the most prominent and high-hit spot in the newsletter. Present right on the top of each page, it directly grabs the viewers attention and offers insights on varied topics, with a scroll button and key information displayed in each banner.

Banner Size Specifications: 1400x 600px

Sample banner:


Static Banner Spot

A prominent ad spot which you cannot miss! Want to showcase your brand, webinar, event or white paper to a global audience? This spot offers you vibrant graphics which is sure to capture the reader’s attention.

Banner Size Specifications: 500 x 250px

  • Static ad banner: $2000 per month – Avail discounted rates for quarterly, half yearly and yearly packages
  • PMC allocation is 3 hours per promotion

Sample banner:


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