• Innovative Growth Prospects Transforming the Global Structural Heart Devices Sector
    The rise of disruptive technologies driven by increasing competitive intensity

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    The structural heart therapy market has second highest revenue share in cardiac procedures, after coronary interventions. The market has attractive growth potential due to huge unmet need (high prevalence of valvular diseases and low treatment adoption). Next-generation valve devices with improved valve performance (durable and non-thrombogenic), such as biopolymers or tissue-engineered leaflets, and image-guided technologies such as four-dimensional (4D) intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) for transcatheter procedures, are on the verge of displacing traditional surgical procedures and technologies.

    Structural Heart Disease (SHD) is the next cardiac epidemic which is prone to get ignored and remain undetected. Prevalence of SHD above 65 years is estimated to be more than 40%. Improvement in technology pertaining to valve design, micro-invasive procedure and advanced imaging is expected to be the major accelerants of the market. The next big opportunity among SHD segments lies in mitral therapies, especially in replacement due to the huge unmet need and higher adoption. Growing competition in mitral valve therapies is expected to bring innovative device to the market, leading to higher adoption. Moreover, companies are anticipated to focus on personalization and hybrid therapies as well as shift to multivalve surgical platforms in the medium term (next 3 to 5 years). Companies should leverage technologies like 3D bioprinting with AI computational modeling of heart structure to improve prediction and guidance of complex procedures while enhancing the development of next generation heart valves. While the established players are at the forefront of developing advanced interventional devices, the poor adoption of the proven interventions need to be addressed by specifically focusing on upstream bottlenecks and building a strong cross-continuum solution to sustain leadership.


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