• Novel Growth Avenues and Strategic Insights on EU COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics
    Future growth potential driven by capabilities and expertise in vaccine manufacturing

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    With this research service, Frost & Sullivan’s Healthcare and Lifesciences team provides critical insights into the research provides an overview of the EU with focus on EU4 and UK COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics market. The report covers and analyzes COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics in development, including supply chain considerations and requirements to manage distribution. Importantly, the study also identifies actionable growth opportunities for industry participants to profit upon. Like US, EU received criticism for vaccine nationalism. However, EU is taking steps to push global vaccine access it has launched Team Europe initiative for improving manufacturing and access to vaccines, medicines and health technologies in Africa.

    Initiatives like EU Digital Vaccination Passport and UK NHS Covid Pass app will help EU in safe reopening and overcoming the VOC challenge to certain limit. Although vaccination is progressing at fast pace in EU however, several factors will decide it’s future course such as political situation, vaccine availability and access; and vaccine hesitancy specifically in younger EU population. Low vaccination rate in Central and Eastern Europe (CCE) leading to COVID-19 surge especially due to delta variant leading to healthcare emergency in certain countries such as Bulgaria, Romania and Latvia.


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