• How are Sustainable Technologies Amplifying the Growth Prospects for Wastewater Management?
    Disruptive technologies drive cost compatibility and enhance wastewater treatment performance

    Research Overview

    Globally, the increase in population and industrial activity results in a growing volume of water consumption and wastewater generation. UNICEF (the United Nations Children's Fund) estimates that about half of the global population will face water scarcity by 2025, and by 2030, about 700 million people will be displaced by intense water scarcity. As wastewater treatment prevents contamination of valuable water sources and tertiary treatments allow reuse of water, wastewater treatment is one of the most powerful tools to address the water scarcity challenges anticipated during the next 10 years.

    This study explores the sustainable innovations in wastewater management that aim to improve the efficiency, economics, and water quality after treatment for the industrial and public infrastructure sectors. It describes the major treatment technologies and reviews their potential for use in the future wastewater treatment industry. Moreover, it discusses the key stakeholders involved in technology development and the innovative approaches they are taking. It also features the global patent landscape for wastewater treatment technologies, highlighting key patent owners/assignees and patent jurisdictions that demonstrate the most activity.


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