• Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022: What are the High-Potential Growth Prospects?
    Strategic partnerships between OEMs and tech companies with AI-driven technology enable future in-vehicle experience

    Research Overview

    CES 2022 displayed trends that pave the way to innovations and technology adoption by automotive industry players worldwide.

    CES 2022 also saw exhibitors, tech companies, and automakers display their new launches through physical or online announcements. Metaverse and automation using AI were the futuristic advancements many companies plan to adopt soon.

    The report comprises all major announcements made by automakers, Tier 1 suppliers, tech companies, chipset manufacturers, and charging companies at CES 2022. It also has detailed information on crucial takeaways, perspectives, CES over the years, and new growth opportunities per announcements made by various automotive and tech companies. Growth opportunities include tech advancements such as the adoption of intelligent in-vehicle displays, a global electrification drive, and a scalable modular digital platform.


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