• How will the Evolution of Digital Economies Drive the Growth of GNSS Downstream Services?
    Future growth potential of GNSS downstream service providers due to PPP-RTK and PPP-AR

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    This research service covers the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Downstream Services market across 17 application areas, such as precision agriculture, survey & mapping, construction, IoT, autonomous driving, autonomous-asset tracking, maritime, rail, airlines, airport, autonomous consumer utilities, consumer devices, UAS, mining, oil and gas, energy, and defense. In the market, it discusses the commercial downstream GNSS services.

    GNSS value-added services will see steady growth as GNSS technology is increasingly adopted across various industries and by new emerging applications. It has resulted in industry growth, and the entry of many start-ups that are constantly innovating and developing advanced solutions led to higher adoption of GNSS services. With the ever-increasing demand for accurate location services, the GNSS value-added services meet these growing needs. The key drivers for the market are increasing autonomous applications, growth in consumer precision navigational needs, increasing commercial location-based requirements, smart mobility, and digital economies.

    This study does not cover GNSS component manufacturers, components, equipment, receivers, antennas, or any hardware aspect of GNSS technology.


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