• What are the Latest Innovations Powering the Growth of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies?

    Research Overview

    The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Opportunity Engine for April 2022 covers innovations pertaining to robotics, smart welding, IIoT and 3D printing. Some of the innovations profiled include smart welding solutions, low case wire arc additive manufacturing technology, additive manufacturing for the construction industry, IIoT platform, robotic exoskeletons integrated with Artificial intelligence, humanoid robot for the healthcare industry and weeding robots suitable for the agricultural industry among others.

    The Advanced Manufacturing TOE covers global innovations and developments related to manufacturing and industrial automation on a monthly basis. Innovations are focused toward improving product traceability, energy efficiency and reducing environmental footprints, integrating product design and manufacturing aspects for reducing time-to-market. Research focus areas include rapid prototyping (additive manufacturing), lightweighting (multimaterial joining, plastics and metals manufacturing, carbon fiber-based composite manufacturing), smart robotics (agile robots, consumer robots, swarm robotics, cobots), monitoring and control (wireless control networks, human machine interface), and simulation and modeling (design and simulation software).


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