• Growth of Customer Experience Outsourcing Services in Latin America and the Caribbean
    CX digitalization and customer-centric initiatives are driving outsourcing demand

    Research Overview

    This study examines the trends in the Latin American and the Caribbean (CALA) customer experience outsourcing (CX Outsourcing) services market and forecasts the market size. The report provides extensive coverage of services delivered in each local market and those provided from the CALA countries to others overseas. In this sense, offshore services are provided to serve foreign customers outside the country where each contact center is located. The study shows data for outsourcing services alone, excluding operations performed in-house and shared services centers.

    CX Outsourcing is a subset of the much broader business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, and it is usually defined as a business arrangement in which a company contracts an external supplier to perform a service (rather than accomplish it in-house). Services can range from simple call handling to managing complex business processes such as technical support and customer self-service through interactive voice response (IVR) applications or the Web. Suppliers specialize in handling high volumes of inbound and outbound interactions for customer care, retention, and acquisition; help desk; technical support; collections; and telemarketing/telesales for business clients. In most cases, clients contract the required technology and the employee services, including managers, agents, and process experts.

    This study does not include in-house CX operations and captive CX service providers (CXSPs), including shared services centers. Frost & Sullivan considers a CXSP as captive if 80% or more of its revenue is generated by a single client. Many service providers that serve their parent companies are included in this study, as long as less than 80% of the revenue is generated by that partnership, e.g., Emtelco (Colombia) and Entel (Chile).


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