• Which Innovative Growth Prospects are Driving the Oil Condition Monitoring Sector?
    Real-time and near real-time sensors in oil analysis

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    Oil is a fundamental element for powering engines and for lubricating moving components in assets in the transportation sector. Oil is a key element that impacts productivity and profitability, making it a priority for customers. By monitoring the quality and characteristics of the oil, asset health and efficiency can be monitored, and any issues can be resolved quickly.

    Oil condition monitoring is commonly used to measure and analyze contamination and degradation in lubricants and fuel oils throughout their lifecycle, which is a key element in predictive maintenance, especially in most process industries. In addition, measuring the oil condition offers deep insights into equipment health, and by understanding the level of contamination and the element, fuel, water, or acid that caused the oil degradation and the lose of lubrication, subsequent damage can be avoided.

    This research service focuses on the importance of oil condition monitoring, market gaps, trends, various distribution channels, factors driving and restricting market growth, and deep-dive competitor analysis based on existing market participants.


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