• The Role of Digitization in Driving Transformational Growth for Military Cyber CONOPS
    New product development based on big data and artificial intelligence is driving the shift in CONOPS

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    Digitization is transforming every aspect of the defense industry, from back-end office operations to the training of military personnel. Cyberwarfare has become common, and cyberspace has turned into a battlefield for major geopolitical and social issues, with different nations using it to gather intelligence or engage in shadow diplomacy.

    Cyberthreats continue to evolve, making them harder to detect, prevent, or mitigate. Today, weapon systems are software dependent and networked. Embedded software and IT systems enable operational success; however, they create new and extensive vulnerabilities.

    Cyber concepts of operations (CONOPS) are constantly evolving as global defense industries are transforming their operations and capabilities. Investments in disruptive new and existing technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, blockchain, and quantum computing, will drive further changes in cybersecurity in the coming years.


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