• Spectral Sensing: Innovative Growth Opportunities and Business Models Revealed
    High-resolution sensors, miniaturization, and funding for pharma, healthcare, and defense applications accelerate commercialization

    Research Overview

    Demand for spectral sensing stems from its capability to provide high-quality images and cover a huge bandwidth in remote sensing applications. This expands the adoption scope of spectral sensing technology in other high-impact areas such as agriculture, surveillance, military and defense, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals. There are two types of spectral sensing technologies—multispectral sensing, covering fewer bands and is useful in space-based imagery, and hyperspectral sensing, covering a huge spectrum while not restricting to the red-green-blue region of the visible light spectrum. Spectral sensing technologies are apt replacements for conventional camera technology in applications that demand detailed information and analytics.

    Spectral sensing also finds potential applications in the healthcare sector, primarily in diagnosis and tissue analysis.


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