• Novel Growth Avenues and Smart Solutions in the Global Personal Care Functional Ingredients Industry
    New product development in the natural space driven by consumer aversion toward synthetic ingredients

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    Frost & Sullivan’s analysis of the personal care functional ingredients market aims at quantifying the consumption and analyzing the impact of key disruptive, transformative, and competitive trends across the value chain order to present a forecast for the five year period of 2022 to 2026. The scope of the study comprises analysis of the personal care functional ingredients market on the basis of key product types and subtypes, source, applications, and geographies.

    The ever-growing prominence of disruptive forces, including the shift toward sustainability and circular economy, and the tightening regulatory scenario with respect to the use of synthetic ingredients are expected to have wide-scale implications on the personal care functional ingredients market. Additionally, the growth in end-use industry, magnified by trends such as increasing demand for multi-functional ingredients, growth in the uptake of bio-based and certified ingredients, increasing penetration of social media, and increased focus on male grooming are expected to further drive market growth in the near future.

    Growing consumer awareness about the potential harmful side-effects of synthetic ingredients is expected to boost the natural personal care functional ingredients market during the forecast period.


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