• PPE in the EV Industry: Which Product Segments Showcase High-Growth Potential?
    Rapid automotive electrification and need for sustainable solutions to shape future growth potential for PPE across the value chain

    Research Overview

    This research presents an assessment of the current status of and future prospects for personal protective equipment (PPE) in the global electric vehicles (EVs) industry. Revenue forecasts and analyses cover 4 regions: North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Rest of the World ([ROW] Middle East, Africa, and Latin America). This study quantifies the revenue generated from PPE sold into the global EVs industry between 2018 and 2026. Revenue is recorded in US dollars ($) and is accounted for at the manufacturer level.

    The inherent complexity associated with EV-specific components, including battery-packs and high-voltage lines, exposes workers to significant incremental occupational safety hazards across the value chain. For the purposes of this research, PPE in the EVs industry is classified as a product that is worn to protect the worker from hazards (thermal, electrical, and chemical, among others). The product segments include above the neck protection, respiratory protection, protective clothing, hand protection, foot protection, fall protection, and gas detection. The analysis focuses on both conventionally used offerings and those that will increasingly become the norm, owing to a shift in vehicle architecture and changes in both components and materials used across the value chain.

    The highly regulated automotive industry is characterized by well-established safety practices, standard operating procedures, guidelines, and standards. However, the pronounced shift toward eMobility involves, among other things, adapting the existing assembly lines and accommodating and/or replacing certain conventional operations (engine and exhaust system assembly) with those that involve the handling and/or assembling of high-voltage battery packs.


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