• Electrical and Electronics Adhesives and Sealants: How are Innovative Applications Fueling Growth?
    Sustainability and high-precision bonding needs are key focus areas for innovation and transformational growth

    Research Overview

    Diverse end-use industries increasingly deploy electrical and electronics (E&E) adhesives and sealants that offer various functional benefits. Key end-use industries consuming E&E adhesives and sealants include automotive electronics, consumer electronics and home appliances, and electronics for rail, aerospace, marine, construction, and energy applications. These end-use industries’ growth and favorable emerging trends will drive E&E adhesive and sealant demand.

    This Frost & Sullivan research service delves into the global E&E adhesives and sealants market, highlighting growth drivers, restraints, and opportunities. The study segments the market by chemistry, end-use industry, application, and conductivity type (electrically conductive, thermally conductive, and non-conductive and insulating) for adhesives and sealants. The primary adhesive and sealant chemistries discussed include acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy, vinyl acetate, and silicone. The study provides regional volume consumption, regional revenue estimates, and industry-wise consumption and sales for each end-use industry. The study also analyzes the market shares for the top E&E adhesive and sealant manufacturers at a global level.

    The global E&E adhesives and sealants market is challenged by new and unmet customer needs for innovative formulations and environmentally sustainable solutions that facilitate high-precision bonding and sealing. End-use industries increasingly develop E&E products and applications that are miniaturized and lightweight, require low-power architectures, and have advanced communication hardware and industrial sensors. They prefer surface-mount adhesion technology over traditional soldering and welding techniques. Conformal coating adhesive technology is also gaining popularity because of its various benefits: protection against corrosion, chemicals, moisture, and vibration. These favorable trends will translate into increased market demand and growth for E&E adhesives and sealants in five to seven years.


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