• CX Investment Predictions for 2022: Innovative Growth Opportunities Revealed
    Employee engagement elevated as a business priority

    Research Overview

    In a customer survey of 1,210 IT and telecom decision-makers around the world and across verticals (with 58% of respondents in a senior management position), improving customer experience is ranked as the top business objective in 2022, followed closely by improving brand equity. Companies recognize that maintaining brand loyalty becomes increasingly difficult as the world accelerates towards digital channels.

    For the first time in over ten years of running this survey, improving employee engagement moved from the bottom of top company objectives to number 4. It took a pandemic for companies to understand the value of employee satisfaction and retention. Unclear roles, substantial absences that created more tasks for employees who came into work, and uncertainty about job security created significant barriers to achieving corporate goals. Companies are now rethinking their corporate culture and technology investment strategies.

    Social and self-service are fast-growing channels. The pandemic forced non-digitally native people to move towards these methods of communicating with companies when they could not reach agents for hours or get quick email responses. Companies are highly satisfied with the self-service channel.


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