• Electric Corner Module: New Business Strategies Accelerate Growth
    Vehicles with electric corner modules expected to be fitted in LCVs and PBVs, accounting for 1.8% of the total BEV market by 2030

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    An electric corner module (ECM) encompasses an electric drive, suspension, steering, and braking systems, increasing modularity and reusability. Purpose-built electric vehicles are expected to benefit from such a system because of the ever-changing requirements of future mobility and city transportation systems. With ECMs, the number of participants in the EV market is expected to increase because these modules can reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX). In addition, the time to market could be reduced by using ECMs, possibly accelerating the process of taking the vehicle from the drawing board to production. From the vehicle perspective, ECMs are classified as partial and pure based on the location of the steering system.

    This report focuses on the drivers and restraints for ECMs and on the expected new business models in the automotive industry. Furthermore, the report touches on the benefits of having an ECM, such as the integration of drive-by-wire systems and the possible reduction in the total cost of ownership for fleet operators.


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