• Novel Growth Avenues in the Southeast Asian On-demand Food Delivery Sector
    Competitive intensity accelerates GrabFood’s, Foodpanda’s, and GoFood’s bid at market concentration

    Research Overview

    This study assesses on-demand food delivery in Southeast Asia, with a focus on the platform-to-consumer segment. The key countries discussed are Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

    On-demand food delivery is a door-to-door and online-to-offline service. Service operators integrate the value chains of catering merchants and consumers and seamlessly aggregate them on an online platform. Generally, service operators have their fleets (or delivery partners) for picking up takeaway orders from merchants and delivering them to consumers. Or, the platform provides takeaway order and payment systems, while catering merchants offer their delivery services. Consumers can also make payments through digital solutions and cash on delivery.

    In the study, Frost & Sullivan highlights the gross merchandise value (GMV) of on-demand food delivery and provides a forecast to 2030, based on the forecast discussion for Southeast Asia. In addition, Frost & Sullivan defines current market trends, market share, SWOT analysis, value chain analysis, key service operator profiles, and future market trends.


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