• Futuristic Technologies Fuel New Growth Opportunities for Mild-hybrid System
    Powertrain electrification is a global mega trend, where mild hybrids offer a high growth potential in the short term before the move to electric propulsion

    Research Overview

    The automotive industry has been under increasing pressure to improve fuel economy and emissions in the last few years. Emission reduction has become the primary goal with fuel economy being a secondary aspect, in line with the global demand for carbon-neutral mobility.

    The focus on emission reduction has had a significant impact on the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) dominated automotive powertrain industry. While improvements to optimise ICE from an efficiency and emissions perspective are ongoing, vehicle electrification, the end target, is on the rise.

    However, IC engines will continue to be main type of propulsion during the next decade, and it is here that mild hybridisation will play a crucial role. By definition, mild hybridisation supports IC engines during acceleration and to recuperate energy during braking. However, the impact of mild-hybridisation is that the transient operation of ICE, during which emissions are the highest, gets reduced.


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