• Asia-Pacific Military Helicopter Segment to Witness Massive Growth Opportunities
    Growth strategies informed by looming threats from China require massive acquisition programs to reinforce helicopter fleets

    Research Overview

    This research assesses the state of the military helicopter market in Asia-Pacific (APAC) and identifies opportunities among countries attempting to counter the Chinese and North Korean arms races. The APAC attack helicopter segment is stronger than that of Western markets.

    Countries with acquisition programs tend to develop and produce helicopter platforms locally, and although no next-generation helicopter programs exist, local helicopter (with up-to-date capabilities) acquisition progresses. On appearance, APAC departments of defense (DoDs) are not considering electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for their vertical aircraft fleet, with no advocacy for an unmanned or optionally manned fleet. However, an opportunity exists for innovative multinational programs to take advantage of unmanned aircraft benefits in offensive scenarios.

    The main challenge among most APAC countries is to deter Chinese offensive maneuvers. Except for India, the other countries would certainly be defeated. If invaded, those countries can at least pretend to represent a costly target. They must equip themselves as much as possible using their limited defense budgets. APAC countries must collaborate to resist Chinese economic interests and strengthen their political development and independence.


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